Hello! After 3 years of using Alverde Beauty & Fruity face foam and face cream I decided to make a quick update on my opinion about these 2 products. Also, there's a new addition to this series - a micellar water. You can see my previous post about this series here.
As you see the packaging is rebranded. I liked the previous one a lot and I like this one too. After trying 2 different face foams for the last 3 years, I still come back to this one. It removes my makeup perfectly. After using it my skin feels so soft. Plus, it will last you for a long time. The face cream is still my favorite for the Spring/Summer months. I haven’t even tried another one. It's very light and my skin feels soft and mattified.


Let's move to the new addition: Alverde Beauty & Fruity micellar water

Micellar water is a product I always have on my night stand. I use it regularly to remove my makeup. When I spotted Alverde Beauty & fruity Micellar water at the local DM store I decided to give it a try because I love the other 2 products so much. This product is for normal to combination skin. The price is around 2.50 euro for 200 ml. The ingredients are good as always, considering the brand. The packaging is stable and travel friendly. It comes with a flip cap, which you just tap and you get the product on the cotton pad. Keep in mind that you should shake well the bottle before use. As with the other micellar waters I've used, I don't rinse my face after using the product. The fragrance is like the other products of Beauty & fruity series - fruity. Sounds too good to be true? Yes, the micellar water doesn’t clean well eye makeup. Yes, it cleans eyeshadows, but the mascara is hard to remove. I use 2 times more product as usual and still – I need to use another product to clean my eye makeup. Currently I’m using Garnier micellar water (which is my favorite at the moment) and it cleans perfectly mascara. As you may guess, I don’t like Alverde micellar water and I can’t recommend it to you. Next time I’m going to try another one. But if you haven’t tried the other 2 products from Beauty & Fruity series, go get them. They’re amazing.


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