Aliexpress wishlist #2

Aliexpress wishlist

Hello! Today I’ll share with you my current Aliexpress wishlist. I haven’t forgotten my favorite owls so I included a super cute washi tape which is going to fit so well with my mint bullet journal. I also wanted a tulle skirt for a long time. But I hope I can find one in a local store so I can try it and see if it fits me. The collar necklace is amazing. I wanted this type of necklace for a year but I didn’t find anything I like, because all of them looked very cheap. I'd like to have a few phone cases so I can change them every week or so. Currently I’m in love with flamingos and the color combination of the pineapple case is cute. The bags are something I’m in need of right now. I don’t have any small black bag and I don’t know which one of these two I want the most. And the mint one is also nice so probably I’ll end up with the three of them.

1. Owls washi tape - 0.98$
2. Tulle black skirt - 12.90$
3. Collar necklace - 4.35$
4. Flamingos phone case – 1.59$
5. Pineapples phone case - 1.74$
6. Black and beige envelope bag 6.18$
7. Mint andgrey clutch 4.89$
8. Black bag 6.61$

I hope you found something interesting for you here. :)