3 shower gels for the chocolate lovers

 3 shower gels for the chocolate lovers

Hello! This post is for all the chocolate lovers. Lately I’m obsessed with the smell of chocolate and the main reason for that is the Palmolive Chocolate Passion body butter wash. Usually it’s not a brand I look for when I’m shopping. I don’t even know why, but I always buy products from Dove and Balea.  I saw the product in a local drugstore and I fell in love with the smell.  From the 3 of the shower gels I’m talking today this one smells the most like chocolate. I’ve used 3-4 bottles of the product and I have one more, which I’m saving for the autumn. I think this explains how much I love it! It smells divine in the bathroom but the smell doesn’t last long on my skin. It doesn’t moisture my skin nor that it dries it. That’s why I use some oil from time to time to moisture and nourish my skin – in most of the cases mixed with any of these exfoliants. From this series, I also tried Vanilla passion body butter wash, but I find it smelling too chemically and I can’t recommend it to you. Here in Bulgaria you can find the products of this series for around 2 euro for 250 ml.

After being in love with this shower gel for a few months I decided to give Avon Planet Spa Indulgent SPA Ritual Chocolate Elixir a try. This is my first time I’m using something from Planet Spa apart from the face masks. The regular price is around 6 euro for 250 ml but there’s always a sale on Avon products, so I bought mine for only 2 euro. If it wasn’t the price I wouldn’t buy it. For me this range is overpriced, except when you buy something on extra sale. But let’s get back to the product. Like the previous one, this shower gel smells amazing. It probably lasts a little bit longer on my skin but nowhere near to 2-3 hours. Also I don’t feel my skin dry when I use it.

My last discovery is Balea Schoco Love shower gel. Unlike the others 2 this one smells like a mixture between chocolate and milk – like milkshake. It’s the most suitable for people who are sensitive about the smells of their skincare products. The bottle is super cute and round - different from the usual Balea shower gels. There’s also a body cream/lotion from this series. The price of the shower gel is 1.50 euro for 350 ml.

The consistency of all of the shower gels is creamy, it looks like melted chocolate and you’d like to eat it. My urge for eating chocolate drastically decreased after I started using these shower gels. Somehow, I feed myself only with the smell of chocolate.

None of the mentioned shower gels are natural without harsh chemicals but for shower gels I stopped worrying. In Bulgaria, the price for a natural shower gel is around 5 euro for 200 ml which is insane, because for the same price I can find a 500 ml shampoo or conditioner!

Would I repurchase any of them? The Palmolive Chocolate Passion - yes. But the other 2, probably not.

Do you have any favorite chocolate smelling shower gel?

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