3 easy DIY face and body exfoliants

3 easy DIY face and body exfoliants

Hello! Today I’ll share with you my 3 favorite DIY exfoliants for face and body. I first started to exfoliate my skin with coffee grounds my last year of high school and afterwards I started using the other options. For that time (almost 8 years) I have bought probably only 3 body exfoliants and 2-3 face exfoliants. Yes, I’ve become a millionaire from saving money from that xD. Not really though ;( But you get the picture…

Let me first say that my skin on the face is combined, in winter – combined to dry, in summer – combined to oily. The skin of my body is normal, a little bit dry on my feet. If you have skin like mine, I recommend you exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times a week. When I don’t have a lot of time on the week, I try to exfoliate my skin at least once in the weekend.

The best thing about the following exfoliants is that you already have the ingredients for them in your kitchen, so you can make one next time you’re going to shower. Plus, they’re very cheap, natural and don’t contain harsh chemicals.

3 easy DIY face and body exfoliants

Coffee grounds exfoliant
This is my all-time favorite exfoliant. Probably because it’s free. The coffee particles are very small and very gentle to the skin. Usually I use 3 – 4 table spoons of coffee grounds and it’s enough for my face and entire body. My skin becomes soft as a baby’s skin. Also this exfoliant helps with cellulite.

Sugar & cinnamon exfoliant
Sugar mixed with a little cinnamon is my other favorite exfoliant for the most of the past of the year (except winter). I know it’s not so gentle as the coffee grounds but I prefer harder exfoliants. You can also use this exfoliant for your lips. The cinnamon is optional*. I usually have a jar full with this mix at the cabinet next to the bathroom so when I want to exfoliate I won’t need to prepare the mixture at the moment because I’m risking not to exfoliate my skin at all xD.

*You should put a little cinnamon because you’re risking to irritate your skin. The first time I put cinnamon in the sugar I put a lot of it because I like how it smells and I ended up with red face. It took an hour for my face to calm down. You should be careful how much you put.

Mixed with some oil these 2 exfoliants except from scrubbing your skin will moisturize it and you can skip the body lotion afterwards. You can use whatever oil you have at home. I usually use olive oil or almond oil. I even use sunflower oil when I don’t have anything else at home.

Oatmeal exfoliant
Oatmeal is the gentlest exfoliants of all and you can use it every day. I use it only for my face. I just mix some oatmeal with water. I recommend you to use fine oatmeal (uncooked) because it is very small and you can exfoliate your skin well. Oatmeal is a great exfoliant for dry skin so I use it mainly in winter.

What are your favorite DIY exfoliants?

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