2016 FAVORITES | beauty, owls and more

2016 favorite beauty products

2016 favorite beauty products

Hello! I haven’t been blogging for the past couple of months and here’s the reason: I moved in with Kris and I started my Master’s degree in the local University. My “free time” was pretty much cooking, laundry and cleaning. Also, one of the main reasons I haven’t posted was because I wrote my blog posts in English and in Bulgarian as well. And it was time consuming. That’s why from now on I’ll only write in English to improve it.

Let’s start with my favorite beauty products:

the balm

favorite owls 2016

These are some of my favorite owls for 2016:

favorite owls 2016

I’m continuing with the owls:

2016 favorites

Some pink favorites:

2016 favorites

These are random:

2016 favorites

More random favorites:

2016 favorite food

My favorite food for 2016:

2016 favorite TV series

Favorite movies/TV series:

Favorite books:
I haven’t been reading a lot apart from the university, but I’ve read some books from Tami Hoag and I enjoyed reading all of them. There’s the romance, there’s the thriller, everything I like about a book. I haven’t had favorite books, it’s more like a favorite author.

Top 3 moments from 2016:

2016 for me in a nut shell: Growing up.

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you in the beginning of the next year with my 2017 resolutions.

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