December 31, 2016

2016 FAVORITES | beauty, owls and more

2016 favorite beauty products

2016 favorite beauty products

Hello! I haven’t been blogging for the past couple of months and here’s the reason: I moved in with Kris and I started my Master’s degree in the local University. My “free time” was pretty much cooking, laundry and cleaning. Also, one of the main reasons I haven’t posted was because I wrote my blog posts in English and in Bulgarian as well. And it was time consuming. That’s why from now on I’ll only write in English to improve it.

Let’s start with my favorite beauty products:
  • Palmolive Chocolate passion body butter wash – I’ve been loving the chocolate smell for the past couple of months. This body wash on the photo is my third and definitely not last one. The smell is amazing but it doesn’t last a lot on the skin.
  • Avon Nutra Effects Self-foaming face wash – I used this product a few years ago and now it has an improved formula and I decided to give it another shot. The foam is for normal and combined skin, soap free, suitable for sensitive skin, free of parabens or dyes. Daily, I wear a light makeup and this foam removes it perfectly. That’s why I already bought a second bottle.
  • Dove original anti-perspirant – After trying natural anti-perspirants I found this one and I don’t think I’d change it soon. I don’t sweat, even in the heat, and I smell nice.
    (my problem with the natural products is that I sweat. I don’t smell but still…)
  • Avon Luck for her EDP – This fragrance smells amazing and lasts all day. It has a fresh, peach & apple smell. I can describe it as a daily, autumn/summer scent. I even bought one for my mom and she loves it as well.
  • Perfect Speed Dry – I haven’t painted my nails a lot for the past year but when I did I used this product for a speed dry and it did wonders. After 5 minutes, I could do anything with my hands. Plus, it’s a cheap alternative to Seche vite.
  • Alverde lip balm – It smells fruity (berries or mango). It’s super moisturizing and cheap (1 euro). It prevents my lips from chapping. Overall it’s a great value product.
  • ELF matte lip color in Tea rose – this color is very beautiful. With smoky eyes, it looks beautiful. The lipstick is creamy and long lasting (4 hours).
  • Golden Rose velvet matte lipstick #07 + Golden Rose vision lipstick #125the combination between these two lipstick is perfect. It creates a gradient effect which is very beautiful. The best part is that you can create a lighter or darker purple, depending on the situation.
  • MAC lipstick in Crème cup -  I always wanted to buy a MAC lipstick, but I thought that it was very expensive. This spring I finally decided to buy it and I love it. The color is an everyday nude(ish) pink. It’s very creamy and soft. It’s a real pleasure to apply it on the lips.
  • ELF eyebrow kit – it's not like I don’t have eyebrows but I like to define them when I wear makeup. And this kit is everything I need for it. It contains wax and powder. Sometimes I use the powder even in the crease of the eye.
  • TheBalm Nude tude eyeshadow palette I haven’t considered buying it but I saw it on sale for less than 20 euro and I was very happy with this bargain. The eyeshadows are very well pigmented and look amazing and last long when applied with a wet brush.
  • TheBalm In theBalm of your hand – after buying the previous palette every time I was browsing my favorite online shopping sites I checked this brand. One day I saw this product on sale (of course) for 20-22 euro and it’s a great deal for mini size versions of the best theBalm products. I love the highlighter, the blushers and the bronzer.

the balm

favorite owls 2016

These are some of my favorite owls for 2016:
  • The mirror is so cute, it was a gift from my cousin and I love it so much.
  • These 2 tea cups I bought for work because I wanted to drink water and tea in cute cups. Every time I drink I feel happy. I can’t believe how things like that can make me so happy.
  • This calendar was a gift from Kris’s parents for our new home. I forget to change the dates but it’s a good piece of decoration.

favorite owls 2016

I’m continuing with the owls:
  • My favorite sweater: it’s super soft and a good conversation starter.
  • The cutest owl necklace ever ♥. It was a gift from Kris for my name day.
  • Very funny T-shirt from New Yorker. The 3rd owl in the 1st row says “break the rules” and the capture below says “there’s no one like you”.
  • This scarf was a spontaneous purchase. I just couldn’t resist, it’s super sweet.

2016 favorites

Some pink favorites:
  • This scarf is very interesting, it’s like a super long tube and it looks amazing.
  • The owl pajama...  it’s so soft and comfortable. I look like a pink version of the Big bird from Sesame Street.

2016 favorites

These are random:
  •          One of my best vacations this year – visiting Plovdiv with Kris and friends, it was so much fun.
  •          I never thought I’d buy my first dungarees on 25. It’s super cool and I love it.

2016 favorites

More random favorites:
  • Our summer vacation with Kris ended up in the pool instead on the beach. We bought these “donuts” and we had so much fun.
  • My favorite DIY project for this year – I just painted some shells with markers and they’re surprisingly cute, aren’t they?
  • I haven’t had an owl bag before. Strange, huh? When I saw it I knew it would be mine.
  • I wanted to buy an expensive pair of sneakers just to see the difference between them and my Deichman ones. It feels better to have something more expensive. This year I was spending a lot of money on expensive clothes and cosmetics. And why not, YOLO.

2016 favorite food

My favorite food for 2016:

  • Affredo ice cream – I’m dying for this. It’s so delicious.
  • Sushi – especially from Haiku Sushi.  The sushi there is delicious. Kris liked it (and he doesn’t like to eat strange things), this should be something to consider.
  • Banitza with yellow cheese and ham – after living alone I became a pro on making banitza.
  • Pancakes – especially when shared with friends :)
  • Bailey’s – apart from Somersby I never knew I’d like an alcoholic drink so much. Mixed with milk it’s super delicious.

2016 favorite TV series

Favorite movies/TV series:
  •  Jane the Virgin – this show is very funny and relaxing.
  • Younger – I discovered it a few months ago and it became one of my favorites so far. It’s very interesting, there’s some drama and meanwhile it’s easy to watch.
  • The big bang theory – damn, living with Kris makes me like almost everything he likes. This TV series is one of them. Next year I’ll watch it from the beginning.

Favorite books:
I haven’t been reading a lot apart from the university, but I’ve read some books from Tami Hoag and I enjoyed reading all of them. There’s the romance, there’s the thriller, everything I like about a book. I haven’t had favorite books, it’s more like a favorite author.

Top 3 moments from 2016:
  • Moving in with Kris
  • Starting my master’s degree
  • Learning to take care of myself – the feeling is amazing J

2016 for me in a nut shell: Growing up.

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you in the beginning of the next year with my 2017 resolutions.


  1. Such a great post! As I went on reading I kept on finding myself in your words! For me 2016 was very similar refering to moving out with my man and becoming the manager of the household 😃 The banitza was also my main area of experties! Anyways happy new year!! May it be filled with joy, happiness and endless love, good luck in everything! And excuse my English 😃
    http:// nikovamakeup.wordpress.com

    1. Happy New year to you, too! Wish you all the best! And thank you for the lovely words!