Jan 23, 2017

3 easy DIY face and body exfoliants

3 easy DIY face and body exfoliants

Hello! Today I’ll share with you my 3 favorite DIY exfoliants for face and body. I first started to exfoliate my skin with coffee grounds my last year of high school and afterwards I started using the other options. For that time (almost 8 years) I have bought probably only 3 body exfoliants and 2-3 face exfoliants. Yes, I’ve become a millionaire from saving money from that xD. Not really though ;( But you get the picture…

Let me first say that my skin on the face is combined, in winter – combined to dry, in summer – combined to oily. The skin of my body is normal, a little bit dry on my feet. If you have skin like mine, I recommend you exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times a week. When I don’t have a lot of time on the week, I try to exfoliate my skin at least once in the weekend.

The best thing about the following exfoliants is that you already have the ingredients for them in your kitchen, so you can make one next time you’re going to shower. Plus, they’re very cheap, natural and don’t contain harsh chemicals.

3 easy DIY face and body exfoliants

Coffee grounds exfoliant
This is my all-time favorite exfoliant. Probably because it’s free. The coffee particles are very small and very gentle to the skin. Usually I use 3 – 4 table spoons of coffee grounds and it’s enough for my face and entire body. My skin becomes soft as a baby’s skin. Also this exfoliant helps with cellulite.

Sugar & cinnamon exfoliant
Sugar mixed with a little cinnamon is my other favorite exfoliant for the most of the past of the year (except winter). I know it’s not so gentle as the coffee grounds but I prefer harder exfoliants. You can also use this exfoliant for your lips. The cinnamon is optional*. I usually have a jar full with this mix at the cabinet next to the bathroom so when I want to exfoliate I won’t need to prepare the mixture at the moment because I’m risking not to exfoliate my skin at all xD.

*You should put a little cinnamon because you’re risking to irritate your skin. The first time I put cinnamon in the sugar I put a lot of it because I like how it smells and I ended up with red face. It took an hour for my face to calm down. You should be careful how much you put.

Mixed with some oil these 2 exfoliants except from scrubbing your skin will moisturize it and you can skip the body lotion afterwards. You can use whatever oil you have at home. I usually use olive oil or almond oil. I even use sunflower oil when I don’t have anything else at home.

Oatmeal exfoliant
Oatmeal is the gentlest exfoliants of all and you can use it every day. I use it only for my face. I just mix some oatmeal with water. I recommend you to use fine oatmeal (uncooked) because it is very small and you can exfoliate your skin well. Oatmeal is a great exfoliant for dry skin so I use it mainly in winter.

What are your favorite DIY exfoliants?

Jan 5, 2017



Hello! I believe 2017 is going to be a great year. 2016 was a good year for me and I believe the good things will continue to happen in 2017. I have nothing in mind except the fact that I’ll finish my Master’s degree in the summer.

Last time I set my goals for the year was 2015 I believe. It wasn’t a fail nor a success, let’s say it was 50/50. This year I decided to set more realistic goals.

Visit Istanbul or Edinburgh – me and Kris, we have friends living there and if we can’t do this, well… we really suck at travelling...

Buy our first car – it’s been a long time since I had my driving license (and haven’t driven since then). I think everyone should know how to drive. Last year we searched far and wide and we couldn’t find it, so I hope this year we will and Kris will let me drive it… probably.

Start a YouTube channel – I’ve been considering it for a few months and I think now is the perfect time to do it. I watch YouTube videos every day and I see that there are videos for everyone. I hope people will watch mine as well. And if not now, when? I always delay everything so that I am fully prepared because I’m a perfectionist and this didn’t lead to anything, literally. That’s why I want to try to make videos. It’s not going to be so hard.

Start a side job/freelance work – not that I don’t like my job but I want to be financially free from some point in my life. And anything can happen, I want to make sure that I have a backup plan for my life.

Read at least 20 books – last year I’ve read around 10 books and I want to fix this mistake. Plus I downloaded a reading app on my phone so I can read when I’m out of the house – at a coffee, at lunch break or anywhere when I need to wait.

Exercise!!! – I want to get back in shape. Since graduating in 2013 I haven’t been doing a lot of exercises which is a shame. Not that I’m fat but I’m not skinny neither. I’m dedicated that I will succeed this year and I already bought my 1 month GYM membership!

Eat healthier – I want to achieve a healthier body. I want to start eating more fruits and veggies, less meat and I want to reduce the junk food as far as I can. I already started this process back in 2015 and I see a lot of progress but I know that I can do better. I also want to learn how to make healthy desserts and meals so that I won’t feel guilty when I’m eating an ice cream or pizza.

Make some time in the morning and in the evening for me – makeup, face masks, etc. I’ve been neglecting these things for the last year or so. I plan to stick on a routine. Especially a morning one because I’m a night owl (coincidence? I think not) and I don’t like to get up early. I go to bed late and I sleep as long as I can in the morning.
In general: invest in my own happiness this year, I want this to be a selfish year. I want to take care of myself and my relationship with Kris.

What are your 2017 New Year’s resolutions?

P.S. this post is proofread by Kris ;)

Dec 31, 2016

2016 FAVORITES | beauty, owls and more

2016 favorite beauty products

2016 favorite beauty products

Hello! I haven’t been blogging for the past couple of months and here’s the reason: I moved in with Kris and I started my Master’s degree in the local University. My “free time” was pretty much cooking, laundry and cleaning. Also, one of the main reasons I haven’t posted was because I wrote my blog posts in English and in Bulgarian as well. And it was time consuming. That’s why from now on I’ll only write in English to improve it.

Let’s start with my favorite beauty products:
  • Palmolive Chocolate passion body butter wash – I’ve been loving the chocolate smell for the past couple of months. This body wash on the photo is my third and definitely not last one. The smell is amazing but it doesn’t last a lot on the skin.
  • Avon Nutra Effects Self-foaming face wash – I used this product a few years ago and now it has an improved formula and I decided to give it another shot. The foam is for normal and combined skin, soap free, suitable for sensitive skin, free of parabens or dyes. Daily, I wear a light makeup and this foam removes it perfectly. That’s why I already bought a second bottle.
  • Dove original anti-perspirant – After trying natural anti-perspirants I found this one and I don’t think I’d change it soon. I don’t sweat, even in the heat, and I smell nice.
    (my problem with the natural products is that I sweat. I don’t smell but still…)
  • Avon Luck for her EDP – This fragrance smells amazing and lasts all day. It has a fresh, peach & apple smell. I can describe it as a daily, autumn/summer scent. I even bought one for my mom and she loves it as well.
  • Perfect Speed Dry – I haven’t painted my nails a lot for the past year but when I did I used this product for a speed dry and it did wonders. After 5 minutes, I could do anything with my hands. Plus, it’s a cheap alternative to Seche vite.
  • Alverde lip balm – It smells fruity (berries or mango). It’s super moisturizing and cheap (1 euro). It prevents my lips from chapping. Overall it’s a great value product.
  • ELF matte lip color in Tea rose – this color is very beautiful. With smoky eyes, it looks beautiful. The lipstick is creamy and long lasting (4 hours).
  • Golden Rose velvet matte lipstick #07 + Golden Rose vision lipstick #125the combination between these two lipstick is perfect. It creates a gradient effect which is very beautiful. The best part is that you can create a lighter or darker purple, depending on the situation.
  • MAC lipstick in Crème cup -  I always wanted to buy a MAC lipstick, but I thought that it was very expensive. This spring I finally decided to buy it and I love it. The color is an everyday nude(ish) pink. It’s very creamy and soft. It’s a real pleasure to apply it on the lips.
  • ELF eyebrow kit – it's not like I don’t have eyebrows but I like to define them when I wear makeup. And this kit is everything I need for it. It contains wax and powder. Sometimes I use the powder even in the crease of the eye.
  • TheBalm Nude tude eyeshadow palette I haven’t considered buying it but I saw it on sale for less than 20 euro and I was very happy with this bargain. The eyeshadows are very well pigmented and look amazing and last long when applied with a wet brush.
  • TheBalm In theBalm of your hand – after buying the previous palette every time I was browsing my favorite online shopping sites I checked this brand. One day I saw this product on sale (of course) for 20-22 euro and it’s a great deal for mini size versions of the best theBalm products. I love the highlighter, the blushers and the bronzer.

the balm

favorite owls 2016

These are some of my favorite owls for 2016:
  • The mirror is so cute, it was a gift from my cousin and I love it so much.
  • These 2 tea cups I bought for work because I wanted to drink water and tea in cute cups. Every time I drink I feel happy. I can’t believe how things like that can make me so happy.
  • This calendar was a gift from Kris’s parents for our new home. I forget to change the dates but it’s a good piece of decoration.

favorite owls 2016

I’m continuing with the owls:
  • My favorite sweater: it’s super soft and a good conversation starter.
  • The cutest owl necklace ever ♥. It was a gift from Kris for my name day.
  • Very funny T-shirt from New Yorker. The 3rd owl in the 1st row says “break the rules” and the capture below says “there’s no one like you”.
  • This scarf was a spontaneous purchase. I just couldn’t resist, it’s super sweet.

2016 favorites

Some pink favorites:
  • This scarf is very interesting, it’s like a super long tube and it looks amazing.
  • The owl pajama...  it’s so soft and comfortable. I look like a pink version of the Big bird from Sesame Street.

2016 favorites

These are random:
  •          One of my best vacations this year – visiting Plovdiv with Kris and friends, it was so much fun.
  •          I never thought I’d buy my first dungarees on 25. It’s super cool and I love it.

2016 favorites

More random favorites:
  • Our summer vacation with Kris ended up in the pool instead on the beach. We bought these “donuts” and we had so much fun.
  • My favorite DIY project for this year – I just painted some shells with markers and they’re surprisingly cute, aren’t they?
  • I haven’t had an owl bag before. Strange, huh? When I saw it I knew it would be mine.
  • I wanted to buy an expensive pair of sneakers just to see the difference between them and my Deichman ones. It feels better to have something more expensive. This year I was spending a lot of money on expensive clothes and cosmetics. And why not, YOLO.

2016 favorite food

My favorite food for 2016:

  • Affredo ice cream – I’m dying for this. It’s so delicious.
  • Sushi – especially from Haiku Sushi.  The sushi there is delicious. Kris liked it (and he doesn’t like to eat strange things), this should be something to consider.
  • Banitza with yellow cheese and ham – after living alone I became a pro on making banitza.
  • Pancakes – especially when shared with friends :)
  • Bailey’s – apart from Somersby I never knew I’d like an alcoholic drink so much. Mixed with milk it’s super delicious.

2016 favorite TV series

Favorite movies/TV series:
  •  Jane the Virgin – this show is very funny and relaxing.
  • Younger – I discovered it a few months ago and it became one of my favorites so far. It’s very interesting, there’s some drama and meanwhile it’s easy to watch.
  • The big bang theory – damn, living with Kris makes me like almost everything he likes. This TV series is one of them. Next year I’ll watch it from the beginning.

Favorite books:
I haven’t been reading a lot apart from the university, but I’ve read some books from Tami Hoag and I enjoyed reading all of them. There’s the romance, there’s the thriller, everything I like about a book. I haven’t had favorite books, it’s more like a favorite author.

Top 3 moments from 2016:
  • Moving in with Kris
  • Starting my master’s degree
  • Learning to take care of myself – the feeling is amazing J

2016 for me in a nut shell: Growing up.

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you in the beginning of the next year with my 2017 resolutions.

P.S. this post is proof read by Kris ;)

Mar 29, 2016

Stone marble nails

Stone marble nails

Hello! Today I'll share with you my first nail art experiment for this year - stone nail art. If you wonder how I did it, you can check this tutorial.

Nail polishes used:

Perfect 3 in 1 hardener - 1 coat as a base coat.
Perfect white nail polish - I applied 3 coats, but the nail polish itself is with a bad consistency. Any recommendations for a good white nail polish?
Golden Rose Color Expert nail polish #62 - I used it for the marble effect. First I applied it with a sponge. I made 3-4 little spots at each nail. Then I put a drop of the nail polish in the water and I sprayed some perfume, which spread the nail polish. You can also use hair spray or anything else with alcohol in it. Then I put my fingers in the water and I waited 1-2 minutes. Meanwhile I collected the excess of the nail polish in the water with a Q-tip.
Impala quick dry - I'm pretty impressed by this product. I applied it a lot on my nails and after 5 minutes my nail polish dried.

It took me about 1 hour to do this manicure.

Are you a fan of the stone marble nails?
Do you have a favorite nail art YouTube channel?

Stone marble nails

Здравейте! Днес ще ви споделя първия ми експеримент за тази година – stone marble нокти, иначе казано мраморни нокти. Ако се чудите как постигнах този ефект при ноктите си, погледнете това видео.

Използвани лакове:

Perfect 3 в 1 втвърдител - 1 слой като база.
Perfect  бял лак за ноктинанесох 3 пласта, но самата консистенция на лака не е от хубавите и не ми се получи много добре. Някакви препоръки за бял лак?
Golden Rose Color Expert нюанс # 62използвах го за мраморния ефект. Първо го нанесох с гъба. Направих 3-4 малки петна на всеки нокът. След това сложих една капка от лака във водата и напръсках с парфюм, който раздели лака във всякакви форми. Можете също да използвате лак за коса или нещо друго, което е с алкохол. След това потопих ноктите си във водата и изчаках 1-2 минутки. Междувременно изчистих лака, който беше останал във водата с клечка за уши.
Impala бързо изсъхване - много съм впечатлена от този продукт. Нанесох много от него върху ноктите си и след 5 минути лакът беше изсъхнал.

Отне ми около 1 час, за да си направя този маникюр.

Фенове ли сте на този тип техника?
Имате ли любим канал в YouTube за маникюри?

Stone marble nails

Mar 27, 2016

25 Food Questions Tag

25 Food Questions Tag

1 What is your favorite breakfast?
Oatmeal with milk/yogurt and a fruit. It’s ready for 5 minutes and it keeps me full till 12pm.

2 How do you drink your coffee?
I’m not a coffee person but when I drink coffee it’s with a lot of milk. Usually I’d drink ½ Nescafe 3 in 1 with 200ml milk.

3 What’s on your favorite sandwich?
Yellow cheese, chicken, cucumber, salad, tomatoes, mayonnaise, ketchup.

4 Soup or salad?
Salad because it’s easier to make. Also I’m very pretentious about the soups and I eat only homemade ones.

Zuccini salad
The recipe

5 What is your favorite cookbook?
I don’t have one. I’m not a fan of cooking. My motto here is: the simpler, the better.

6 No more sweet or no more savory?
No more savory. I’m not a big fan of this type of food anyway.

7 Which kitchen (country) is your favorite?
Definitely Italian. I could live on pasta and pizza.

8 What is your favorite food movie?
I have a lot of favorite food movies. The Hundred-Foot Journey is one of them. Ratatouille too.

9 What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Chocolate. All types of desserts, cakes, biscuits with chocolate.

10 What's your greatest inspiration source?
Pinterest and Instagram. Not only about food, but about everything – DIY ideas, home decor, nail art.

11 Home cooking or dining out?
Dining out. I won’t wash trays, pans, but I can try a variety of new dishes.

12 High end or low profile?
I don’t care so much, depending on the people I’m with. I love to discover new places with tasty food on good prices.

13 What is your favorite restaurant?
Lately La Strada. The food is very tasty and the staff is nice.

14 I do my groceries at …
I still live with my parents and basically they do the groceries. If I need to buy something, I shop at big supermarkets because I can look around without being disturbed. Оften you can find super deals.

15 The tastiest food I've ever eaten was:
Sushi at Haiku Sushi (Sofia). It was amazingly delicious.

Haiku sushi

16 What is your favorite cocktail?
Malibu pineapple.

17 Coffee with George (Clooney) or Heston (Blumenthal)?
Neither. Can I choose Jason Statham?

18 What should not be missing in your kitchen?
Yogurt, oatmeal, chocolate.

19 My favorite snack is …
Nuts, banana/apple with peanut butter.

20 What’s on your pizza? I always order a pizza with corn, chicken, gherkins, yellow cheese, and tomato sauce.

21 What food do you really dislike? Garlic, eggplant, onion, raisins..

22 What’s your favorite food blog? I don’t have one. For the moment I don’t follow any.

23 The craziest thing that I have ever eaten is…
I really don’t know. When I was little I put salami on the tarator.

24 What’s on your food bucket list?
I’d like to eat macaroons in France, pizza/pasta in Italia and McDonalds hamburgers in USA.

25 I can’t live without… Chocolate/something sweet.

I'll be happy to read your answers. Leave a comment below or a link to your blog post. :)


1 Коя е любимата ти закуска?
Овесени ядки с прясно/кисело мляко и плодове. Готова е за 5 минути и ме държи сита до 12 на обяд.

2 Как пиеш кафето си?
Не си падам по кафето, но когато го пия, е с много мляко. Обикновено пия ½ Nescafe 3 в 1 с 200 мл мляко.

3 Какво има в любимия ти сандвич?
Кашкавал, пиле, краставици, салата, домати, майонеза, кетчуп.

4 Супа или салата?
Салата, защото е по-лесна да се направи. Също така съм много претенциозна откъм супи и ям само домашно приготвени.

5 Коя е любимата ти готварска книга?
Нямам. Не съм фен на готвенето. Мотото ми тук е: колкото по-просто, толкова по-добре.

6 Без повече сладко или без повече пикантна храна?
Без повече пикантна храна. И без това не съм фен на този тип храна.

7 Коя кухня (държава) е любимата ти?
Определено италианската. Мога да живея на паста и пица.

Spaghetti Spinaci

8 Кой е любимия ти филм за храна?
Имам много любими филми за храна. The Hundred-Foot Jorney е един от тях. Ratatouille също.

9 Кое е греховното ти удоволствие?
Шоколад. Всякакви десерти, торти, бисквити с шоколад.

10 Кой е най-големият ти източник на вдъхновение?
Pinterest и Instagram. Не само за храна, а за всичко – DIY идеи, интериорен дизайн, маникюри.

11 Готвене вкъщи или вечеря навън?
Вечеря навън. Няма да мия тави, тигани, а мога да опитам различни нови ястия.

12 Висококачествена храна или непопулярни ресторанти?
Няма значение, зависи от хората, с които съм. Обичам да откривам нови места с вкусна храна на добри цени.

13 Кой е любимият ти ресторант?
Напоследък La Strada. Храната е много вкусна, а персоналът е много любезен.

14 Пазарувам в ...
Все още живея с родителите си и те пазаруват основно. Ако трябва аз да купя нещо, пазарувам от големите супермаркети, защото мога да разгледам на спокойствие. Много често имат супер промоции.

15 Най-вкусната храна, която някога съм яла беше:
Суши в Haiku Sushi (София). Беше невероятно вкусно.

16 Кой е любимият ти коктейл?
Malibu със сок от ананас.

17 Кафе с Джордж (Клуни) или Хестън (Блументал)?
Нито едното. Мога ли да избера Джейсън Стейтъм?

18 Какво не трябва да липсва в кухнята ти?
Кисело мляко, овесени ядки, шоколад.

19 Моята любима междинна закуска е ...
Ядки, банан / ябълка с фъстъчено масло.

20, Какво има на пицата ти?
Винаги си поръчвам пица с царевица, пиле, кисели краставички, кашкавал и доматен сос.

Pizza Lab

21 Каква храна наистина не ти харесва?
Чесън, патладжан, лук, стафиди ..

22 Кок е любимият ти кулинарен блог?
Нямам такъв. За момента не следя такива.

23 Най-лудото нещо, което някога съм яла е ...
Наистина не знам. Като малка бях сложила салам в таратора.

24 Какво има в bucket list-а ти за храна?
Бих искала да ям макарони във Франция, пица / спагети в Италия и хамбургери McDonalds в САЩ.

25 Не мога да живея без ...
Шоколад / нещо сладко.

Ще се радвам да прочета вашите отговори. Оставете коментар по-долу или линк към статията си в блога. :)

Schogetten chocolate

Mar 21, 2016

Manhattan Last & shine nailpolishes

Manhattan Last & shine

Hello, girls! Today I'll talk about Manhattan Last & shine nailpolishes in the shades 120 Love peach and 530 Party princess. The package look so chic and the nailpolishes are so easy to store because of their shape. The brush is flat and with 2 movements you cover the whole nail. The nailpolishes dry quickly and provide intense colour. They last for so long on my nails. Love peach lasted around 10 days and it started to chip around day 7. Party princess lasted around 14 days and it started to chip around day 9. The nailpolishes are very easy to remove. I use the oil Lilly nailpolish remover. Their price is 3.50 euro for 10 ml. You can find them on DM, Lilly.


Здравейте, момичета! Днес ще ви говоря за лаковете на Manhattan Last & Shine в нюанси 120 Love Peach и 530 Party princess. Опаковката изглежда много шик и заради формата й лаковете са лесни за съхранение. Четката е плоска и с 2 движения покривате цялата нокътна плочка. Лаковете изсъхват бързо и осигуряват наситен цвят. Издържат супер дълго върху ноктите ми. Love peach издържа около 10 дни, като започна да се бели около 7-мия ден. Докато Party princess издържа около 14 дни, като започна да се бели около 9-тия ден. Лаковете се премахват много лесно. Аз използвам масления лакочистител на Lilly. Цената на лаковете е 7 лв за 10 мл. Можете да ги намерите в DM, Lilly.

Manhattan Last & shine Love peach

Love peach is a lovely peach shade. I applied it on 2 coats but I recommend you another one for a better finish. The color is very beautiful, but nothing special. While Party princess is a beautiful mix between dark rose and silver glitters. I've never seen such a colour before. On 2 coats it looks wonderful. On the right photo you can see my nails on day 10 of wearing this colour.  See, it's super longlasting!


Love peach е прекрасен прасковен  цвят.  Аз го нанесох на 2 слоя, но ви препоръчвам още един за по-добро покритие. Цветът е много красив, но не е нищо особено. Докато Party princess е красива смесица между тъмно розово и сребристи брокатени частички. Никога не съм виждала такъв цвят преди. На 2 слоя лакът изглежда прекрасно. На дясната снимка може да видите ноктите ми на 10-тия ден от нанасянето на лака. Виждате ли, супер са дълготрайни!

Manhattan Last & shine Party princess

Manhattan Last & shine nailspolishes are a hit if you're looking for a longlasting drugstore nailpolish. The variety of colous is over 70 (in Bulgaria over 40).


Manhattan Last & Shine са добър избор, ако търсите дълготраен дрогериен лак. Разнообразието от цветове е над 70 (в България над 40).

Manhattan Last & shine

* The nailpolishes were kindly send to me by PR. The opinion is mine and I'm not paid for this post.
*Лаковете ми бяха любезно изпратени от PR. Мнението е лично мое и публикацията не е спонсорирана.