August 17, 2017



Hello! Today I want to share with you 2 of my favorite budget lipsticks – Golden Rose Vision lipsticks in the shades #125 and #135.

I bought #125 about a year and a half ago and it’s one of my favorite winter lipsticks. It’s an auberge color with cool undertone, very deep and well pigmented. It looks great on pale skin. You should be careful with the application though. I bought #135 about a month ago and the color is very vibrant orange (also with cool undertone) – just perfect for hot summer days. On pale skin, it looks awesome good.


Golden Rose Vision lipsticks are with Vitamin C and they don’t dry the lips. Both of the lipsticks are very comfortable to wear and easy to apply. They smell like vanilla but applied on the lips you can’t notice any aroma. About their durability I can say that each of these 2 lipsticks lasts around 5 hours which is insane for the creamy texture. Also they come down gradually. The finish is shiny. Their cost in Bulgaria is around 1.5-2 euro for 4.2 grams of product.


The package of Golden Rose Vision lipsticks is very ordinary, made of cheap black plastic. The labels of the package go out very quickly. The package itself has a small transparent part in the middle which allows you to see the color of lipstick. If you have a few shades of this lipstick, it will be very helpful for you.

With all that being said I can totally recommend Golden Rose Vision lipsticks to you!


August 2, 2017

Review | MAC Crème Cup lipstick

MAC Crème Cup lipstick

Hello! I wanted to try a MAC lipstick for such a long time and I made well my research because there are so many shades you can choose from. To be honest I didn’t know exactly what shade I want, I just wanted it to be pink. The person that convinced me to buy Crème Cup was Emily from BeautyWithEmilyFox – her lipstick swatches videos are the best. I’ve bought a few lipsticks relying on her recommendations and I love all of them. If you haven’t watched her videos yet, you definitely

MAC Crème Cup lipstick

MAC Crème Cup is gorgeous pale cool toned pink with cremesheen finish. It’s a good option for everyday lipstick and looks awesome with smoky eyes, as well as with grey and pink makeup. The lipstick smells like vanilla and it’s a real pleasure to apply it. It goes so evenly and smooth. It’s very creamy and doesn’t dry my lips. If you’re with light skin you’re going to love it. The lipstick has a good pigmentation. With a few swipes you reach that baby pink color, which I love. It lasts on my lips for around 3 hours. The package of the lipstick is very stable, bullet shaped and I like it a lot. 

MAC Crème Cup lipstick

Although I think MAC lipsticks are expensive (18 euro), I want to try some other shades in the future – like Vegas Volt, Mehr, Faux and Snob.

Crème Cup is gorgeous and I love it so much. If you have the money - go for it. You won’t be sorry.

June 18, 2017

8 summer wallpapers | Made with Canva

8 summer wallpapers | Made with Canva

Hello! Today I'm going to share with you 8 summer wallpapers I made with Canva - my favorite site for photo editing. I've talked about this site in so many of my posts because it's simply the best. 
You can download each of the wallpapers by clicking the "Download" button after each of them.

I hope you like them! See you very soon!

beach summer wallpaper

hello summer wallpaper

summer palm wallpaper

summer palms wallpaper

summer pina colada wallpaper

summer quote wallpaper

summer wallpaper beach

summer wallpaper

May 15, 2017

Video: DIY easy decor for pet lovers

DIY easy decor for pet lovers

Hello! Today I’m going to show you an easy decor for all you pet lovers. It’s super easy to make. It took me 15 or 20 minutes to make it. You’ll only need an artist canvas panel, a printed drawing of the pet you want to draw, a pencil, a rubber and 1 or 2 markers. Of course, you can add more details to the canvas. But I think the simpler the better.

April 17, 2017

Beauty wishlist 2017

Beauty wishlist 2017

Hello! Happy Easter everyone! Today I’ll share with you my beauty wishlist which includes more high-end products and products that are not easy to get in Bulgaria.

1. Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette – I want to try something from this brand and their eyeshadow palettes are a product everyone loves. I liked this one the most because I think the colors are going to suit me the best. I love the peachy colors – ‘Just Peachy’ and ‘Bellini’. They are gorgeous. This palette screams “spring and summer”.

2. Zoya nail polish – I want to try a nail polish from each one of the three mentioned brands. Just from curiosity – to see if they’re better than my favorite Golden Rose nail polishes. I don’t have any particular shade I want, probably something nude or pink.

3. LÓreal Telescopic mascara – This mascara is Carly Bybel’s favorite which makes me believe it’s worth trying.

4.Essie nail polish – I already liked a few shades from this brand so it’s a matter of time to buy an Essie nail polish.

5.Zoeva Luxe Color lipstick in Floral Crown – I’m in love with this lipstick and Zoeva products in general. The color of this lipstick is amazing – everyday-wearable pink with golden particles.

6. Nars Audacious lipstick – Another lipstick addiction. Since Christmas I want a NARS lipstick and I’m patiently waiting to buy it on sale. I’m hesitating between "Claudia" and "Marisa". Both are pink and the difference between them is not so big. Emily from BeautywithEmilyFox recommends them. I have bought a few lipsticks after seeing them in her channel and all of them are great.

7. Burberry The Beat EDP – A few months ago, I had a sample of this perfume and I liked it a lot. It smells like peaches and it’s super lasting - more than 24 hours!

8.  OPI nail polish – Like Essie this brand is easy to get here. But I read a lot of negative comments about the durability of the nail polishes which makes me hesitate if I want to spend 5-6 euro for a nail polish which is not so good. But still I want to try it.

9. Lorac Unzipped eyeshadow palette – This one is going to be impossible to get. Lorac is not sold in Europe and I don’t want to pay a fortune to get the palette from the USA. I’ve read that Lorac eyeshadows are the best, they are the long-lasting ones on the market right now and super creamy, pigmented and easy to work with. The colors of this palette are wonderful.

What’s in your wishlist for this year?